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My office represents people who have suffered physical or

financial injuries as a result of the poor decisions of others. 

I take great pride in ensuring that my clients see their day in

court.  Does this mean that every client wins or receives a

large settlement?  Unfortunately, not.  Although I enjoy sharing a

successful verdict with a client, sometimes I have the pain of

bearing bad news.  Each case will stand on its own merits and

all I can ensure you is that I will do my best to secure the best possible result for your claim.


Although no attorney can guarantee any result in any case, I can make these promises:

  • You and your case will receive my personal attention.  This is not a “mill” as you see advertised on television and it will be “me” that gets your case ready.  Of course, I have staff that assists me on your case, but unlike some other firms, you will have a personal relationship with an actual attorney. 

  • You will receive my honest opinion and evaluation—even if you don’t like it. 

  • I will keep you informed of your claim’s status and we will be in no less than monthly contact with you to ensure proper communication regarding your case.

  • You will owe no attorney fee unless there is a recovery and initial case consultations are always free.

  • Your case will receive every necessary resource available to me.  As the need arises, I will employ expert testimony and state-of-the-art trial preparation.  Sometimes, due to complexities in the case I will co-counsel with prominent attorneys in Kentucky to further advance your interests (at my expense, not yours). I will do whatever it takes to ensure the best possible result.



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